Demtech Ventures is an international consultancy dedicated to the commercial progress, strategy and investment seeking for IT companies. We work with and help both entrepreneurs and investors, with the objective of transforming innovative ideas into successful enterprises.

 Conscious of the new international IT environment, where the phenomenon of the start-up is becoming more and more prevalent, we wanted to use our own wide previous professional experience in order to help new companies in their first stages of growth and development, at the same time as offering our network of investors the opportunity to undertake viable high-potential opportunities and those with great chances of success.




The business idea of Demtech Ventures has its origin in the international experience of Demtech Int, which has permitted us to identify the opportunities and necessities in this new era of Entrepreneurship.

Demtech International is a global company which specializes in assisting High Tech companies. As leaders in the sector, we provide business development, marketing and sales services. All of this, in order to facilitate immediate presence in the principal international markets.

With more than 13 years of experience, at Demtech Int. we have generated more than 45 million euros in profits for our clients.